Cloudy with a chance for Biri Biri

Who is up for some Biri Biri?

Come to think of it, there has been lots of pretty clear blue skies where I live.

Anyways, I noticed I haven’t done one of these in a while. Not since I posted about Alter’s Yui. To get back into it, I decided to do a short plain vanilla flavored shoot of Good Smile’s Misaka Mikoto.

I don’t remember seeing anyone talk about this figure besides Fabrice, which I always found odd given Biri Biri’s popularity.

This figure came out way back in July of last year and much to my surprise with no delays. Pretty cheap too at 5,800 yen relatively speaking.

When I got my Misaka Mikoto figma and did that little “interview” with her and Aya it got me in a real big Railgun mood.

Speaking of Railgun, to be honest I was not particularly fond of Biri Biri after I watched the Index and Railgun anime shows. I much preferred “Misaka-imouto”.

The Railgun manga differs a bit from the anime show, after the “Level Upper” arc the manga and anime go in different directions.

The manga leads into what becomes the “Sisters” arc on the Index anime from Biri  Biri’s point of view.

Rumors about certain military clones reach Misaka’s ears and upon a question by Kuroko Misaka expresses disgust at the thought of coming face to face with a clone of herself.

Then, she meets one of the Sisters and much to her chagrin what follows is both them spending time as a normal pair of sisters would. Playing together, eating ice cream, drinking tea and fighting over trivial things.

Later that night, Misaka witnesses the gruesome death of the sister she just spend the day with at the hands of Accelerator. Mind you, the Railgun manga is much more bloody than either of the Index and Railgun shows. How much more you ask? Said sister gets dismembered by Accelerator.

Upon witnessing this, Misaka explodes in wrath and assaults Accelerator. Keep in mind that unlike her lover spats with Touma or her previous battles in Railgun where she always held back to some extend this time it was nothing more than a  berserker rage.

Misaka Mikoto wanted Accelerator dead.

If you follow Index in any of its forms you know that fighting Accelerator is a one street to your death most often than not.

Misaka discovered this the hard way, all her attacks that would have shredded anyone else to pieces, not even her rail gun, could even touch Accelerator. When he expresses his disappointment and introduces himself you can feel the sudden fear and powerlessness that Misaka feels.

Misaka’s desperate struggle to stop the death of her sisters would later lead to various confrontations against several high leveled espers including the 4th ranked level 5.

After reading the manga, my opinion of Biri Biri changed completely. She is not some idealistic idiot who talks about hopes and dreams like some many other protagonists. She went through so much anguish and pain that so rarely any of this type of characters get put through.

Thanks to the manga, when Misaka’s “nightmare” was alluded in Index II it carried much more weight because I got see first hand what this nightmare was.

It was this struggle as presented in the manga that made a really big fan of her.

I do wonder though if the Railgun Sisters arc will ever get animated. After all it is much darker in tone than the Railgun anime. Plus the supporting cast barely makes an appearance, focusing instead solely on Misaka.

Anyways enough about that, if you like Index or Railgun I recommend giving the Railgun manga a read.

As for the figure itself it is a simple figure which explains the lower price. You can change the left arm as you have seen in the pictures where the iron sand sword is removable. My only complaint is the ugly seam line near Biri Biri’s hair line.

One thing that I found really cool was the base. It’s actually a reproduction of the tokens Biri Biri uses as ammo for her rail gun.

Speaking of which the token on her hand also has this pattern engraved.

You know, Biri Biri has such pretty slim legs. It reminds me of a comment she makes on the manga. Due to her lack of other assets, she considers her legs to be her pride as a woman.

Anyways, that’s that, I just wanted to talk about Biri Biri and this figure a bit and hopefully to get more people to read the manga.

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10 Responses to Cloudy with a chance for Biri Biri

  1. Fabienne says:

    dismembered huh? that sounds pretty horrible Im pretty bad with gore ;(
    but the rest sounds very interesting I will check out the Manga 😉

    personally I prefer the Touma and Index story from the anime, but in Index II I like Misaka a lot more than before, she’s acting more natural there imo.

    the figure isn’t bad, but as you’ve mentioned a bit simple looking.
    Anyway there should be more figures from the index and railgun anime, since there were a lot of cool characters.

    • Miette-chan says:

      If you liked either of the anime shows I find the Railgun man is worth a read. Specially since it really develops Misaka much more then the anime.

      I look forward to what Alter has to offer, their Saten and Uiharu look good, can’t wait for when they get to Misaka.

  2. Nopy says:

    I actually like Kuroko more than Misaka, hyperactive girls are always good in my book.

  3. Luth says:

    That’s actually a nice looking figure and although it is a bit simple, it’s cool that it has a lower price to compensate. I tried to watch Index but stopped because I found Touma way too annoying but wow, the manga might be OK. And hearing Zai going on about how awesome Accelerator is, I’ll definitely have to give it another try. I did have to warn her off reading your review though since she’s still in the middle of watching Railgun.

    • Miette-chan says:

      It is, I like it. It seems GSC went the simple route for their Index figures, which is fine with me.

      Touma is a bit preachy I can see how it can turn off some people. He only makes a few appearances on both the Railgun anime and manga though. Do give the franchise another try if you can.

      As for Zai, she can probably read the manga anytime after episode 12 of the Railgun anime since that’s when the show and manga split.

  4. Fabrice says:

    New Background picture i see.
    I still prefer the cloud one of yours, the first one ^^

    the one you put up for contest in GSC,
    but this one is also cool, it looks refreshing, blue really suits Misaka.
    Im so glad GSC made a PVC of her, if not i dont think i would have collected her other figures from different companies, the one of GSC is so well made and so much worth it with the price =)
    Haha the base. at first i thought it was king slut XD
    great pictures!

    • Miette-chan says:

      Originally, as given in the title I was gonna use that background again. Lately I feel I been over using it so I thought to use something else. Although I do feel blue skies fit Misaka better, I mean just look at all the official pictures featuring her, lots of blue and light colors.

      I’m surprised it took so long for the bigger companies to get into the Railgun/Index bandwagon. So far I prefer this Misaka the most but I really can’t wait to see what Alter comes up with.

      Sigh… “King Slut” huh? Now I can’t unsee it.

  5. Duqs says:

    I still can’t help feel that its somewhat out of character for Misaka to use or even hold onto a magnetically built iron sword.

    Lack of assets, at the moment. My friend told me this “Flat is where its at, when you’re embracing someone flat, you’re actually closer to their heart” =D

    I prefer the manga actually as it contains more stuff there pertaining to the esper side of business rather than the last arc that was made. Personally i like the index series over the railgun series when it comes to both the story and the gag reels in it. Sadly, no Saten-san yet

    • Miette-chan says:

      Eh? Really? After her amazing display in the Railgun manga fighting Accelerator and Mugino I find it odd she doesn’t use the magnetism part of her powers more often.

      I got no problems with that at all, I’m a fan of petite girls.

      I can go either way, I like Railgun since it shows a side not seen often on Index.

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