Poor Little Zaku

I feel sorry for that Zaku.

Then again grunt units in Seed are really little more than cannon fodder for Gundams.

Once again I saw a piece of fan art that “inspired” me, this time featuring Madoka and Nanoha. Since I don’t have a Madoka I replaced her with a Zaku. Since Nanoha is essentially a Gundam in loli form I find it fitting.

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9 Responses to Poor Little Zaku

  1. AS says:

    That Zaku looked like it got whooped pretty badly lol. That foreboding shadow isn’t looking good for poor Zaku xD.

  2. Duqs says:

    Hahaha i know that fan-art loool. My hatred for Kyubey has reached new heights. Makoto from School Days is still on top of the hit list though

    • Miette-chan says:

      It’s pretty cool piece of fan art, my current desktop wallpaper in fact. You know I don’t hate Kyubei, can’t hate him if you always new he was hiding something.

      • Duqs says:

        Lol come to think of it, PMMM is just as ground breaking as Nanoha. PMMM redefined the Mahou shoujo genre by adding generous amounts of tragedy into it, while Nanoha transcended mere Mahou Shoujo into shounen (As) and then Mecha (StrikerS)

  3. bd77 says:

    DAT Shadow~! That Zaku is going to be… BE FRIENDED~! O_O

    p.s. my four grunts may be able to provide some support.

    TK401: Did anyone mentioned us?
    TK402: Naah~! Got to be a mistake.
    TK221: Support what?
    TK333: When do we shoot~?! *gets trampled by the other grunts*

  4. Nopy says:

    It’s hilarious how Nanoha operates. She beats the crap out of everyone, those that survive become her friends, while those that perish remain her enemies. I don’t think that Zaku is going to survive though…

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