I am Miette-chan, for those that wonder about where that name came from “miette” is French for crumb. I chose this name as I wanted a single nickname to use both online and in games. I went for something feminine sounding as I tend to choose female characters most of the time.

I enjoy watching anime, reading manga and the like.

I equally enjoy playing video games of all genres and have no obvious preference to any console or handheld.


This is my blog Otagamer, the title comes from the words “Otaku” and “Gamer”. I concider myself part of both groups thus my choice for the name of this blog.

What you will find here is a variety of posts that will include:

  • Figures I buy, including both scaled and articulated figures and accompanying photos.
  • The occasional figure review.
  • Photos about my Dollfie Nanoha.
  • Musings about games I play.


I became increasingly interested in pvc figures in particular with figmas.

When my friend went to Japan and brought me my first figma Yuki, it opened the world of figure photography for me.

I love playing all types of video games and have been doing so practically all my life.

My desire to share these two worlds plus my interest in consumer generated media led me to create this blog.


Every week on Sunday, simple as that.

29 Responses to About

  1. Tombo says:

    Really like your posts!
    Ive added you to my blogroll for more updates! c:

  2. PaperShot says:

    Just passing by, neat blog you have here!

  3. Kiro says:

    Neat blog there! Ok if i have a link exchange with you?
    =D anyway, I got this question actually.

    How do you do that white border with drop shadow around your photos? Plugin or customize in CSS?

    • Miette-chan says:

      Sure, that’s fine with me.

      As for the border that’s part of the theme, I only thing I can suggest is taking at the source code for the theme.

      • Kiro says:

        Sorry for delay in adding you to the blogroll.
        I’ve just added you in my blogroll.

        I’ve use one of your picture for the Blogroll banner picture, Do let me know if you wanna change it.

        Sorry once again for the delay =DD

  4. Fabrice says:

    hello hi ^^

    After visiting your site quite a few times and liked it ^^ ,
    I would like to have a banner exchange with you. If that’s alright with you.

    Do i provide you with the banner ?
    and do you have a preferred banner?

    If not I’ll just create you one.

    Ive also decided to subcribe to your rss

    If you’re ok with everything, I’ll have your blogroll up asap

    Thank you for reading.
    Hope you get back to me soon. =DDD

    • Miette-chan says:

      I do not have a banner myself, if you can or want go ahead and make one at your discretion. I will add you to mine as well, although it will only be link =_=’.

      • Fabrice says:

        Thanks for the add,
        Ill add your banner once ive done designing it =)
        in the mean time subcribed to your post.
        It alright about mine being link, as long as its there ^^

      • Fabrice says:

        Btw is it possible to change my link from Final Haven to Fabrice Requin, people do get confuse, im changing it soon =) Cheers!

  5. reinfinitum says:

    Hi! You have a nice blog, mind an exchange of blogroll. I’ll add you to mine. Thanks!

  6. Nopy says:

    Hi Miette-chan, I couldn’t find an email anywhere so I’ll just ask here. Would you like to exchange links?

  7. Hi, nice to meet you !

  8. radiant says:

    Really like your blog and photos. Added you to my blog roll. Link exchange?

  9. clock says:

    I hope you dont mind me adding you to my blog roll~
    I enjoy your posts! ^___^

  10. Samejima says:

    Heya Miette-chan! I’m Junn Tan / Samejima from Uselessthoughts.net. I’ll be adding your blog to my links. thankies.

  11. Luthren says:

    Why have I not asked this before? Would you like to link exchange?

  12. Catherine Meyers says:

    Hi Miette-chan, you have agreat blog and love your figures, Misaka Mikoto *-*d. Would you be interested in a link exchange? let me know to send you info on my site ^^


  13. AznEvan says:

    Hello! I just want to let you know that you’ve got a really awesome site! ^^ Oh, and there’s a typo under your “Who?” section. You spelt console as “consle”. xP

  14. tsurugiarashix says:

    Ah, Miette. Do you speak French by any chance? Just wondering.

    Anyway, nice blog. I’ll be stopping by from time to time, since I’m not much of figurine collector and hoping to make an entry. Be looking forward to your post and hope to stay in touch.

    BTW: Mind if I add you to my Revitalize Network project? It is a blogroll of sorts. For more information you can contact me.

    • Miette-chan says:

      No I do not, I do know Miette is French name though.

      Glad you liked my posts, while it is mostly figures I do post other stuff every now and then.

      Sure I don’t mind, you can add me to your blogroll.

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