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My, what a nice wallpaper!

The other day I changed my wallpaper, out of curiosity I tried one of my own pictures. I was pleased with the result resulting in the above desktop.

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I really dig robot girls :3

Kos-Mos, is the one robot girl I dig the most.

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Did I ever mention I had a cute maid at home?

In order to help everyone with their daily intake of cute maids I thought I would share some pictures of mine.

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Burgers part two!!

Once again I went to eat a delicious burger together with my friends, although not made with Kobe beef like the last time. This time it was from Fudd Ruckers, man do I love their burgers. I had a 1/2 … Continue reading

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It’s like she is a whole different person!

I finally bit the bullet and went and changed Nanoha’s eyes.

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