Unemployment Woes…

Since I graduated from school I decided that I will make up the most of time and finish as many games as possible before I become employed.

My goal is to finish as many as DS and PS2 games as I can. The reason for that being that those are the consoles for which I own the most games with the most of them falling into the RPG genre.

Seeing as my life as a student has come to an end and have technically become unemployed I thought it was fitting to play Izuna: Legend of the Unemployed Ninja.

Izuna is a roguelike RPG meaning several things, randomly generated maps, each time you enter a dungeon it will be completely new floors.

It has turn based movement, when you move or perform and action such as attacking or using an item the enemies can also perform an action. In other words when you move the enemies move, if you perform no action neither will the enemies until you perform one.

The last thing to mention is defeat, defeat has permanent consequences. In Izuna when you are defeated you lose all your items, money, equipment and any progress you made on the dungeon.

If you still have no idea what a roguelike RPG is like all you have to do is take a look at the popular Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series on the DS.

I was originally attracted to this game for two reasons. The first is that this is an Atlus published RPG, the second was the title and the the titular character Izuna.

Izuna is quite an odd character as while she is good at heart she is also stubborn and a little selfish, things not usually associated with your run of the mill RPG protagonist.

What sealed the deal for me was this series of comics found at the American website for the game.

The reason why I mention this game and made this post is that I died playing this game.

A lot.

While some occasions it was just the game being plain sadistic, three traps in a row and one of them summoning enemies to surround me is no fun when those were my first three steps.

Most often than not it was my fault, the reason why I kept dying has a lot in common with why I die playing Demon’s Souls or Monster Hunter.

Lack of patience, this generation for the most part has taken patience out of playing games, one can rush forward thanks to things such as abundant check points and regenerating health.

Izuna on the other hand is the total opposite, patience, preparation and playing smart is the key to success.

One cannot simply power through, there is a need to chose when to fight or when to flee, when to use items, heal, what equipment to use, or simply cutting your loses and exit the dungeon and start again.

It’s because of those differences that I find myself enjoying the game as much as I have been.

Just like when slaying a demon in Demon’s Soul, or capturing a monster in Monster Hunter, when I clear a dungeon and defeat a boss the feeling of accomplishment is something that I rarely find outside video games.

That’s enough for my rant, if you are interested in playing this game the first is a little hard to find offline, but the second is quite common.

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7 Responses to Unemployment Woes…

  1. GREW says:

    Well, I started to work right after school.
    It looks bad here in Germany to be unemployed after the school.

    About the Game:
    Looks hard. But since I hate RPG… ^^”

    • Miette-chan says:

      I got discouraged after one certain job application, that pretty much made me stop applying for jobs before school ended.

      As for the game, it’s as hard as you make it to be.

  2. TAKET0MB0 says:

    I wish you all the best with finding your perfect job!
    Until then i hope you manage to complete as many games as possible lol
    The game art does look really nice but i never have any time to play games any more which is a shame, if i ever get some time free i’ll be checking this out c:

  3. Fabrice says:

    Mhmm =(
    so i guess im lucky to still be a student for the next 4 years , dont have to think about that for a while, i mean full time job. luckily i have my part time one *hoof
    anyway good luck and hope youll find a good one =)

  4. lostty says:

    I like that mission! Reading this post really makes me want to start playing the games I never finished on my PS2!

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