Don’t you love it when you get a new toy?

I sure do and I’m super happy I got my hands on a Lumix LX5.

I originally wanted the Lumix LX3; however, back then for some reason there was a high demand for it. It was sold out everywhere and where it wasn’t, the price had a mark up, in the end I bought my D3000.

Fast forward to today and there is the Lumix LX5, from reviews the general conclusion was simple. The Lumix LX3 was a favorite, the Lumix LX5 does everything better while adding some changes asked for by the ones who owned the LX3.

The primary reason I bought it, which I failed to show properly in this crappy iPhone picture, was portability.

I like my D3000 but it’s a pain to carry around when I’m around and about with friends and family. DSLR’s in general are bulky and heavy, the LX5 is much smaller, fits nicely in my pockets, much simpler to use for a quick shot here and there.

The first thing I did when I received it was change the default lens cap for the spiffy self retractable one. Unlike with the LX3 where it had to be forced in, this one neatly screws in into the camera.

Once of the things I like a lot about it are the way the controls are on the camera itself. No need to navigate through menus to change the settings for pictures. I love that you can change the aspect ratio for the photos right on the lens itself.

One thing I don’t like though, it’s the zoom controls, I’m used to zooming in or out by twisting the lens so the controls on the LX5 feels kinda cheap and unintuitive.

The flash neatly retracts into the body of the camera and stays out of the way. I like that since I don’t use the flash at all when I do my figure photography.

Since I failed at properly using the LX5 no comparison pictures with my D3000 or stand alone pictures either. That will have to wait until after I can use it properly out of auto.

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29 Responses to Don’t you love it when you get a new toy?

  1. bd77 says:

    I see Aya is already doing a report on it. =D
    Nice, the LX5 and yes, a lot more easier to carry around unlike the D3000.

    Can’t wait to change my current Samsung ES17…
    I need manual focus…

    • Miette-chan says:

      I find her to befitting for talking about a camera after all.

      Yes, it is, I was surprised by how small it was since some reviews complained about it’s size. I suppose they were comparing the size to other point and shoots.

      With my original digital camera my main to complaints where the focusing and the white balance. Nothing beats setting the white balance yourself to get the colors you want. With the focusing, it took some effort occasionally to focus on the right thing, specially since my subjects where really close to the camera.

  2. Ashlotte says:

    Grats on the acquisition! Look forward to the candid shots you get with it! ^_^

    • Miette-chan says:

      Thanks, I hope so, the faster start up time and generally no need to change settings should let me do that more easily. Much less time consuming that changing setting manually for every environment.

  3. GREW says:

    Nice buy.

    But after owning a DSLR, I somehow can’t use such cams anymore.
    Okay, they are smaller and such. But I would go with a 50mm lens so it would be not as heavy as with my current 18-200mm lens.

  4. Luth says:

    Grats on the new camera! It looks like Aya likes it too. I was really surprised when I actually held the LX5 in a shop, its very sturdy and solid. The one thing I disliked about it though was the aspect-ratio ring on the lens, I found myself trying to turn it all the time to manually focus since I’m so used to doing that on my camera. Would be awesome if they could make it a multi-function ring like on the Canon S95 where you can set it to zoom, focus, anything with a button press or two.

    That new lens cap you got for it is pure genius.

    • Miette-chan says:

      I’m surprised it does feel sturdy and solid given the relative small size.

      It would be nice, I’m so use to doing that kind of stuff because of my DSLR that it took some conscious effort to stop doing so out of habit.

      It is, whoever noticed it fit the LX3 which then let to one being made for the LX5 has my thanks.

  5. Duqs says:

    Hahaha i see you are reaping the fruits of your labors now good sir (re:work post =D).

    I’m thinking of also getting an LX5 or a G11 for the very same reason you got yours, portability. I’m leaning towards getting a G11 though as my experience with Canon has been great thus far. Its really a bummer to lug around a big camera with a long lens in public as you can expect a lot of bumping to occur, added weight, and more things to carry as well.

    • Miette-chan says:

      Indeed I am.

      Yeah, from what I saw when it came to high end P&S it was pretty much one of the two. It all comes down to personal preference.

      Yes, DSLR’s are nice and all but they are too much trouble to carry for when I just want a quick snap.

  6. Zai says:

    Ooo, it looks nice! Congrats on the buy!

    My point and shoot is old and a little uhh.. broken since it seems to like switching modes at random so I’ll usually just use my phone camera for quick snaps. That or carry the DSLR around in full auto mode.. ^^;

    • Miette-chan says:

      I was hoping that with the iPhone 4, I would have a nice portable camera that I would carry around with me all the time. Alas, the capabilities of the iPhone where greatly exaggerated.

      I don’t really trust my DSLR in auto mode, unless it’s outside under nice sunlight.

  7. Fabienne says:

    Cool item, I like the oldschool and classic design of this camera a lot.
    Also this lens cover looks just cool, have fun ^^
    Btw, has this LX 5 a better depth of field effect than a normal p&s camera?

    I always take the trouble too carry my heavy dslr around XD

    • Miette-chan says:

      One of the things that made me pick the LX5 is it’s looks, I love it, doesn’t look like a cheap digital camera. The lens is nice, really annoying to deal with a lens cap with a digital camera. No idea bout the depth of field, haven’t used a P&S in ages or the LX5 long enough.

  8. TAKET0MB0 says:

    Now that, is a seriously awesome new toy!
    Not to mention the lens cap is so clever and just eye candy too haha i love it!

  9. Nopy says:

    I’m thinking of getting a new camera too. I’ve been using a $100 point and shoot up till now, so I’m considering getting myself a dslr.

    • Miette-chan says:

      Once you truly rung out all you can from a P&S I find upgrading to a DSLR a nice move. Suddenly all the nifty things you always wanted to try become possible, instead of letting the DSLR do all the work you are more willing to try it out yourself. At least that’s how it was for me.

  10. chun says:

    mmmmm LX5… interesting! 😀

  11. samejima says:

    Congrats on your Lumix LX5. I’m planning to buy a new second compact camera… Didn’t know your camera is also a Nikon D3000… it’s a very basic dslr but already good enough. for now.

  12. Fabrice says:

    Ive never thought on getting a lumix, well my friend is a canon fanatic so maybe thats why ive never thought of lumix.
    congratz on getting it, i would feel much comfortable carrying the lumix rather than the big nikkon if im out and about taking pictures right?

    • Miette-chan says:

      There is always the Canon equivalent, the G12. I think the LX5 looks better though. I don’t mind carrying my D3000 around, just having to mess with the settings every time to get good pictures.

  13. Hoshiko says:

    When I was buying my camera last year, I considered this as well. But in the end I got my Canon S95. It also has the retractable flash, which I find annoying at first. I often place my finger on top of it and when I take pictures in auto mode the flash occasionally pops up and well, scared me. Now I’ve learned more about the functions of my camera, I know when the flash will pop up and when it will not.

    • Miette-chan says:

      I find that cameras in this range are just a mater of taste since they all perform pretty close to each other.

      That flash stuff happens every now and then with my DSLR. With the LX5 it is smart enough to know I don’t want to use if it’s not out which is nice.

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