Hey! Something new is up!

So, I made a few changes to my blog again.

The most obvious would be the new banner up top.

I had the Nanoha banner for a while so it was time for a little change. I went and used the picture from when I played around with three point lighting.

I also went and spiced up the “Figure Photo Shoots” page.

Before I just threw in some pictures there linked to the appropriate post for the figure and called it a day. Not very appealing, in fact people never really used that page much.

So, I made some banner page linking to the figure posts. While the banners are not the most original or creative, they do make for a prettier looking page which was mostly what I was after.

Plus adding the name of the character should make it easier to recognize the figure rather than some random picture.

I went a did a “Dollfie Dream Photo Shoots” page for my Nanoha dollfie as well. Now you can take a look at her intro and the couple of shoots I done of her.

About Miette-chan

I like girls, games, Japanese media and Touhou. I take pictures of things I like. Also have a blog. http://miettechan.com/
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10 Responses to Hey! Something new is up!

  1. Fabrice says:

    Great idea, im liking the design, giving some ideas i might copy XD

  2. TAKET0MB0 says:

    Really liking the new spiced up ideas, the little figure banners really add some colour to your page, very appealing in my books! c:

  3. Nopy says:

    The figure banners on the right are a nice touch. If I ever did that, I’d have one long list though.

  4. AS says:

    Hmm, a banner for figures on a separate page is something I’ve been thinking about for a while. Though I need to add more figures pics on my blog lol. I have some waiting to be edited and posted but need to get other posts out of the way first lol.

    • Miette-chan says:

      That is a primary reason why I also decided to do it now that I have gotten a few figures photo shoots. I don’t think it would be as appealing with just a handful of pictures.

  5. GREW says:

    Nice little update.

    Reminds me that I want to do some change in my blog too.

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