A certain thundere Biri Biri goes out!

“Thundere” I love it, to whoever came up with that I must say, nice job!

Anyways, I was not feeling motivated at all when taking pictures, I was pretty much in a slump. So I decided a change in scenery will suffice to fix that.

However, I rarely take pictures outside under the sun and I never done so for a regular scaled PVC figure. Add the fact that I did this on a whim without much thinking and things didn’t work out too well for me.

I ended going out on a windy day, windy days are not fun for taking pictures outside. While the wind wasn’t too big of a problem a side effect was.

Because of the wind the clouds were moving in the sky quite fast, continuously covering and uncovering the sun, continuously changing my lighting conditions.

I also totally forgot to use my lovely reflector so I didn’t bounce enough light to illuminate Biri Biri.

Speaking of illumination, totally slipped my mind that I would have a hard time looking at my camera’s screen outside. I wasn’t able to see how pictures really looked after I took them.

Since I did this on a whim and had not planed on shooting Biri Biri, I didn’t think at all of what angles I wanted to shoot. Nor did I think on what scenery would be most appropriate for her.

Given that situation I can’t help but feel the pictures I took are pretty boring and nothing special or creative.

Going off in tangent for a bit but I was wondering are loose socks still popular in with Japanese girls. I must say I’m a big fan of them so Biri Biri is right up my alley in that regard.

Coming back to the topic at hand.

Even though I did not have the results I would have liked I think of this as a nice learning experience for me.

Plus I was able to reassert that I really don’t feel embarrassment or anything when I happily take pictures. If anything I wanted to hurry and finish because I found it quite tiring kneeling on concrete and what not to take the pictures.

I will probably try this again. Once more I will go out and this time find a suitable location and conditions and take pictures of Biri Biri. Next time too I will try to think of better shots to take as well.

I will mention one last thing, everyone is such a pervert. Whenever I upload my pictures to flickr it’s always the up-skirt pictures that get most views right away or any views at all.


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About Miette-chan

I like girls, games, Japanese media and Touhou. I take pictures of things I like. Also have a blog. http://miettechan.com/
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14 Responses to A certain thundere Biri Biri goes out!

  1. bd77 says:

    Nice angle (not referring to the up-skirt pics XD) and lighting. Just wished that my camera stop focusing the background and focus on the subject at times (during close-up shots)…

    • Miette-chan says:

      I’m glad you like the angles.

      It was exactly because of that that when I decided to replace my old digital camera whether I bought a DSLR or not it was gonna have manual focus.

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  3. Fabienne says:

    Oh you still have good weather Im envious because in my region its horrible atm XD
    I really like the lighting of your pictures they turned out very good.
    my favs are 3,5 and 8

  4. Used to love taking outdoors pics, but the weather and constant kneeing, bending, lying on the floor to get the shot really gets to me. ><

    • Miette-chan says:

      Weather cooperates in my neck of the woods, not cold or anything until late November. You are completely right what made stop taking pictures that day was the constant physical strain with all the poses to take my shots. Doing it over concrete didn’t help either.

  5. Nopy says:

    Even if you didn’t plan this shoot, I think the pictures turned out fine. As for those socks, I don’t recall seeing anyone wearing them when I went to Japan earlier this year. It might have just been too warm though.

  6. polty says:

    the photos came out quite nicely ~ especially the second one in my opinion looks like a promo poster =3

    annddd, nice angle on the last pic xD

  7. GREW says:

    Really nice pictures you made there.

    I like them. Nice light setting too.

  8. Ashlotte says:

    Haha oh god reading the first half it was so much like myself when I first started doing outdoors it’s scary… :p

    Still I think the background is appropriate enough? The angles seem fine and I quite liked most of the shots!

    • Miette-chan says:

      It was cool though, I learned valuable lessons that I will apply whenever I do go out for a photo shoot again.

      Probably what bothers me the most is the inconsistent lighting.

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