HA! This time it is shorter!

Even if it’s by only one figure.

Last month’s list as usual.


I think Play-Asia is never gonna ship Marisa to me. I been waiting since May, and the release date has been moving up and up ending with a TBA.

So, gonna keep an eye on Mandrake, if anyone spots one let me know.


I was happily looking forward to getting Selvaria on September but alas a delay occurred. Now slated for a late October release, such a shame.

I can’t wait to get this figma in my hands. The Dead Master design is so appealing to me plus I’m sure BRS figma is feeling lonely without her lovely friend.


I really like this figure, I really am looking forward to it. However, I been feeling tempted to drop her and use that money instead to buy a few articulated figures instead.

Still got the rest of October to think it over.

I still like Persona 3 as much as before, so not much to say about that.

Plus something I like about both Aigis and Metis is that being robots the joints really are negligible aesthetically speaking.

Not that figma joints have ever bothered me in the first place.

So, loli Haruhi was shipped to me earlier this week making her fourth Haruhi figma. Even though I have four already I still happily look forward to my fifth.

Quite saddened that Strike Witches ended. What better way to cheer myself up than with a figma of one of the 501st girls right?


Thinking about it, I’m not quite sure why I am attracted to Alter’s rendition of Saten Ruiko. It seems though many people are since there is a waiting list for her at Hobby Search.

I kinda regret a little not getting Koto’s or Alter’s Asuka since the pictures I been seeing of the former look quite good.

Luckily for me I will get the figma version to make forget all that regret.

I kinda don’t want the BRS blu-ray anymore now that I own the DVD that came with the BRS figma. Not that I can do much about it since I can’t cancel AmiAmi orders.

If anyone cancelled with AmiAmi before let me know how.


This annoys me, why are all the Railgun figmas exclusives or bundles?

I will still happily get Biri Biri with the bundle since it’s a game I can actually play.

As far Kuroko I will wait for the figma to show up on Mandrake without the game. Same thing for MISAKA, kinda clever though that there will be only 20,000 of them. Yeah, I want at least 3 Sisters.

Since I’m getting Asuka it’s pretty obvious to get Rei as well right?

I’m pretty sure I mentioned before that I tend to think of certain characters as a pair or group. Asuka and Rei are one such occurrence.



I’m pretty sure everyone at once point wished one character or another got the figma treatment. This is mine.

If I could only buy only one figma, or if for reason I had to sell all my figmas, or if could only save one from destruction, it would be Kos-Mos. That’s how much I want this figma, that’s how much I like Kos-Mos.

I arrived late to the party so I didn’t get to buy many Kos-Mos figures when they where released and the after market prices for some of them make it unlikely I will buy them anytime soon. So when I get the opportunity to buy one as it releases I don’t think twice about it.

February seems so far away.

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14 Responses to HA! This time it is shorter!

  1. Miu says:

    Nice list~ 😀 I’ll admit, seeing the ones you make inspired me to post my own ^^;

    I’m the opposite with Misaka and Kuroko – I’ve preordered the Railgun game and will wait for Misaka to show up separately. It is really annoying that the Railgun girls are bundle-only, though :/ It makes Saten and Uiharu unlikely to show up as figmas in the future. Making a limited number of MISAKAs was definitely an interesting move as well.

    I’m really sorry to hear that Play Asia totally botched your Marisa order >_> If I see another Marisa I’ll definitely let you know~ (sorry the one I linked was already unavailable ><;)

    I hadn't even realized that the BRS figma came with the OVA DVD until today! Seriously tempted now….

    • Miette-chan says:

      I like these lists, they make me think about what I really want and what I don’t.

      If I could fluently read Japanese I would be all in for the Kuroko bundle as well. Since that’s not the case why pay extra for a game I can’t fully enjoy. I have no idea how figmas sell but the limited amount of MISAKAs worrues me a bit.

      Indeed, stupid Play-Asia. It was quite unfortunate that someone beat to the punch that other day at Mandrake. Still, if you do see one I would really appreciate if you let me know.

      I didn’t know either until people started receiving theirs either.

      • Miu says:

        I keep a spreadsheet of preorders with prices to help me keep track of how much I’m spending, but having visuals is really nice as well~

        Oh I completely understand – since the Railgun game is all talk there’s no point if you can’t read it XD; I’m not particularly interested in the Index game, so I’m waiting. If Misaka ends up being really expensive for some reason I may not get her – Kuroko’s my favorite anyway ♥
        If Dengeki’s shop would take overseas CC I’d try to order one of the MISAKAs using Tenso but they don’t -_-; bleh. We’ll see how the aftermarket is for those…

        Searching for her using “魔理沙” as a keyword on Mandarake might help you see her when she shows up – I don’t think the English version of the site updates as often. Yahoo! Japan auctions has them from time to time as well, but I don’t know if you aren’t considering that because it’s more of a hassle. (If you need help searching there or understanding Japanese text you can always give me a buzz on twitter – I’ll do the best I can to help ^^)

  2. bd77 says:

    A “bit” shorter, yes, but still… quite long. XD

    Lessee, this month… be getting adult Mikuru figma, Revoltech Red Spectacles (Protect Gear) and one very red gunpla kit.

    Wallet: OUCH~!

    Sadly the Figutto Hitagi that I’ve p.o’ed (for Sept), got delayed… It’s a Figutto, what to expect… *sigh*

    • Miette-chan says:

      Hey, at leas it didn’t get longer.

      I had adult Mikuru pre-ordered too but dropped that in favor of loli Haruhi. Although I did want that desk and Mikuru’s sleeping face.

      Yeah, delays never happy when those happen.

  3. Fabienne says:

    longer than my preorder list =D

    The figma of Rei looks good in this Preview picture
    I think she will resemble her timid aura from her origin very well.
    also the Kosmos figure looks really interesting

  4. Nopy says:

    I’m really looking forward to the Dead Master original version, she looks so cool. I’d rather have her over a few figmas, but that’s just my preference.

    • Miette-chan says:

      The DM figma comes out before the PVC release, once I get my hands on it I will probably dispel any other temptations.

      I really wanna get those Precure but adding more stuff to the list is just not a good idea.

  5. TAKET0MB0 says:

    Whenever you post lists like this it always reminds me of how many figmas i wish to own and in reality how poor i am lol
    I really hope PA sort our your Marisa soon! If i do see it elsewhere i’ll be sure to keep you posted

    • Miette-chan says:

      Would you believe me this is just the tip of the iceberg? There still way too many figmas I want coming out or that have been released already.

      I would really be awesome that Play-Asia shipped my Marisa already or if you happened to spot her for sale somewhere.

  6. Eiji says:

    I’m hoping for a re-release of marisa.I wanted to get her too.

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