I Love My Dollfie Musume

I think Nanoha is the cutest dollfie musume ever. My friend tells me it’s just my parent bias, nonsense I say.

I got my self a DSLR camera, a Nikon D3000. I read that it was a good and relatively cheap entry level DSLR.

Finally got myself to start messing with the settings to see what kinda of pictures I can produce. Right now I’m at cross road, I feel like redoing my previous figure photo shoots but probably should just move on to the other figures I own.

Well, at the very least I will redo Shiki, my digi cam failed miserably at picking up the beautiful details on her kimono.

Hmm…come to think of it, the title has not much to do with this post…other than being a fact.


About Miette-chan

I like girls, games, Japanese media and Touhou. I take pictures of things I like. Also have a blog. http://miettechan.com/
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6 Responses to I Love My Dollfie Musume

  1. chun says:

    Nanoha chan is beri beri cute ^O^! She IS one of the cutest 😛

  2. Zh3us says:

    DARNED! More poison =(

    Have fun with the D3000! ^^;

  3. Tommy says:

    For a second, I thought you got a new Louise Dollfie. Congrats on your new camera. I’m also thinking whether I should re-do some of my reviews when I get a DSLR.

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