Another day, another broken figma…

“You!? What have you done to me!?”


Today once more I have broken one of my figmas. I’m starting to see a pattern here, the figmas that I break tend to be twin tailed girls, and it tends to be one of their twin tails that breaks.

In this case, all I did was grab Kagamin to put her away and in doing so I must have applied to much pressure on the joint breaking her.

How in the world did it break so easily?

At the very least I got a spare since I own both the winter and summer versions.


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I like girls, games, Japanese media and Touhou. I take pictures of things I like. Also have a blog.
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8 Responses to Another day, another broken figma…

  1. thetsundere says:

    (As I already commented on your Flickr) this exact same breakage happened to me – same twintail and all, but with my winter kagami. Managed to fix her though =)

  2. Chris says:

    I had no broken Figmas so far but Kagamine Len’s ahoge comes close to breaking though. ^^;
    As for twintails Figma, I only have Drossel and Kagamiku. Both are still okay, thankfully.

  3. Tasunke says:

    Dang, figure breakage sucks. 😦
    I only have one figma back home, and I think I’d be too afraid to play with her much for fear of breaking stuff like that.

    I think twintail breakage is alot more likely than some other breakage on a Figma. Mostly just because, as far as I know, the twintail “joints” are so much smaller, and thus more fragile than the other joints.

  4. Tommy says:


    I rarely touch my figmas these days…after breaking Fate’s shoulder joint.

    • Miette-chan says:

      I find them pretty resilient, although there are some figmas I rarely play with and others that I have complete confidence they wont break. Oddly enough those are my older figmas, like Yuki my first figma.

  5. Optic says:

    Looks like figma breakage has started picking up again. All I can say is be cautious and alert while changing their parts. After going through 3 breakages myself, I sometimes get paranoid it can happen. :S

  6. Valence says:

    Ah shucks, that happened to my Konata figma =( Fixed it with Blu-Tac so it wouldn’t look too bad…

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