“Good day everybody, how do you?”

Today I am doing a Yutaka centric post, I have been carrying her around so I have ended with a few pictures of her. Nothing too special, and sadly no relation between them. May be I will try a small story next time.

“Hmm…I wonder how this will taste?”

For these tow couple of pictures I took Yutaka with me to Carl’s Jr. Yutaka was a little thirsty so I gave her a sip of my drink. Indirect kiss FTW >_<‘.

As far as the food, I’m sure most people don’t really want to look at some American fast food.

“Today is a really beautiful sunny day.”

I went a visited my grand father on Friday of last week. I was looking to taking some pictures with all the different plants he usually has on his backyard. Alas, I was foiled this time due to the season there was no colorful flowers or fruit trees.

I must say the sun is magical, I really like how the colors look on this picture.

“This flower is quite big.”

Yutaka kept herself busy helping with a flower arrangement even if the flowers were a little too big for her.

“I think I will set it here.”

She did a nice job, Yutaka looks so good together with flowers.

“These look tasty, let me have one.”

While I was visiting, I pestered one of my cousins to bring me some Mexican chips. I was surprised when I came home one day I found these on my bed. I was so happy she sent them to me, I love them so much. Much prefer the variety of Mexican flavors than the American options.

“Eeeek! Don’t peek!”

I went over to my friends place, he got inspired and took these two pictures using his lamp as the lighting source. I think they came out really cool looking.

“Ecchi onichans taking pictures like that”

We also used his desk clamp lamp thing he has, really nice lamp can bend to move it around. I think I want to get one for myself.

“May I get something to drink?”

All that posing made Yutaka a little tired and asked for a drink, she wanted to try the stuff she was siting on.

“Is this like juice?”

I had to decline and offer her something else. Friendly PSA, kids don’t drink until you are over your country’s age limit. In fact don’t drink at all.

“Can I drink this instead?”

Yes please do. Much better option.

“These problems seem a little too hard, we should ask Oneechan for some help”


Yutaka tried to help with my homework, a little to hard for her she is only in high school after all. Asking Konata for help? I’m sure she will have some issues with that.

That’s all I have today, you are interested in looking at more pictures be sure to drop by my flickr photo stream.

About Miette-chan

I like girls, games, Japanese media and Touhou. I take pictures of things I like. Also have a blog. http://miettechan.com/
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4 Responses to Yutaka

  1. thetsundere says:

    I’m getting summer Konata just to get the Yutaka head! She’s so adorable ^^

  2. Ederuferuto says:

    Gorgeous photos! Especially the one of Yutaka sitting on the Vodka bottle.

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